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Acetylene Carbon Black

Product Information:

Product Series and Applications:

Our factory produces both types of Acetylene Black:

1) Compressed Powder Acetylene Black of 0%, 25%, 50%, 75% and100%.

2) Granular Acetylene Black (ball grain).

Our products are with high purity and excellent conductivity, and are widely used in various industries:

1) Dry battery.

2) Lithium ion battery.

3) Lead acid storage battery.

4) Shielding material of electric power cables.

5) Additive for silicon rubber products.

6) Packaging materials for electronic components.

7) Conveyer for mining.

8) Conductor, sealant, tape coating, paint, ink, pigment, coating, lubricant, specialized tires, etc..

 Product Advantages:

1) High purity. Less surface functional groups, metal and nonmetal.

2) High crystallinity. Good resistance to oxidation and stable chemical property.

3) High structure performance. Developed structure and the structure index(DBP/specific surface area=250/75) reaching 3.33, which plays the role of cushioning materials in the expansion and shrinkage of active materials.

4) Good dispersion performance.

5) Light weight, lower specific gravity, large surface area, high adsorption capacity for water-based and oil-based electrolytes.

6) Complex chain and branch structure, which makes it easy to form more conductive paths, electrical conductivity, high thermal conductivity, good surface activity.

7) Non-hazardous and environment-friendly.


1) For Conductive Rubber and Plastic

Packing: 10KGS per Bag, 10,000KGS per 40'HQ

2) For Shielding Material of Electric Power Cable

a. Conductive Additives/C for EHV Cable (Granular)

Packing: 10KGS per Bag, 10,000KGS per 40'HQ

b. Conductive Additives/C for Cable( Granular)


Packing: 10KGS per Bag, 10,000KGS per 40'HQ

3) For Tire Bladder

Packing:10KGS per Bag, 10,000KGS per 40'HQ

4) For Rubber, Paint and Ink

Packing: 10KGS per Bag, 10,000KGS per 40'HQ


1) Normal packing methods:

-10KGS craft paper bag packing

-10KGS PP/PE bag packing

-10KGS PE(EVA) bag packing

-Ton bag packing

2) Customized packaging per customer requirements.