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Our company is specialized in developing and supplying all kinds of battery materials, components and battery products. We started with the supply of dry battery materials, including Electrolytic Manganese Dioxide, Separator Paper, Carbon Rod, Ammonium Chloride, Zinc Chloride, Acetylene Black and etc.. Gradually, we have expanded our product range to materials for Lead-acid Battery and Lithium Manganese Battery as well. We now also supply all kinds of dry batteries and certain other chemicals.

We serve as an outlet for our partner factories. All our factories are well experienced in their industries, and have been qualified through a strict standard system for innovation capabilities, quality control, production capacity, production safety, logistics, law and code compliance, etc.. Our experienced QC and merchandiser teams travel around mainland China to assure strict implementation of all our orders and projects and to perform the coordination with our partner factories.

Our R&D team maintains a close co-work with our partner factories on technical improvements and innovations, which is a very important part of the cooperation between our company and our factories.

With the joint efforts of our team and partner factories, our company is growing steadily, and we have been serving our customers with a high level of satisfaction.

We keep sourcing reliable suppliers for various products to meet the needs from our present customers. And we welcome new customers send us inquiries, which will be responded to in a timely manner. We look forward to building a long term and mutually beneficial partnership with all of our customers.

What we provide: Quality Products + Timely Shipment + Competitive Cost.

What we strive for: Ultimate Customer Satisfaction.